Boarding FAQs

What boarding packages are available?

  • Full boarding
    This is the option for those who wish to board for five nights or more each week. Girls stay in school at weekends but may choose to have a weekend at home at any time.
  • Weekly boarding
    This is the package for girls who want to board during the school week and go home at weekends. Girls will board for four or five nights each week.
  • Flexi-boarding
    These packages are available at one, two or three nights a week to be taken regularly throughout the year. This option suits those students who may have regular after school commitments, such as sport or a co-curricular activity. This option is also an excellent way for students to start boarding by spending a smaller part of the week in school and having the best of both experiences. With this option, girls will be allocated a bed on the nights they board, but will not have a permanent claim on the space.
  • Occasional boarding
    Occasional sleepovers are available. For example, your daughter may have a theatre trip organised by the English department that will return late at night. In these circumstances, it may be possible to arrange to board on a one off basis by arrangement with the Housemistress or Houseparent. These nights will be charged to your account.

Will my daughter be in the same bed?

It is important to stress that House Staff want to offer your daughter the very best boarding experience. However, we have a limited number of beds and therefore there is a requirement for flexibility from all parties. Pupils on the flexi-boarding package will not normally be required to move bed during their stay. An exception to this might be if the flexi-boarding package is not being used on consecutive days, whereupon it may be necessary to accommodate the pupil in a different bed. House Staff will be able to advise on this.

Will my daughter need to pack up her belongings?

Pupils will only be asked to pack up their belongings if there is a requirement. A typical requirement would be if the bed is needed for another pupil. Storage of personal items and bedding can be arranged with the House Staff.

How do I change my package?

We require a term’s notice to alter any packages. This must be given, in writing, to the Principal (c/o [email protected]). However, if there is capacity for additional boarding nights, we will always try to accommodate.