Life in the Lower School

Stamp House is a warm, welcoming and inclusive community, home to around 120 Lower School girls from Years 7 and 8. Here, boarders and day girls alike have the space and support to adjust to secondary school life in a bustling but unpressurised environment.


“My favourite memory from Year 8 are my friends and the funny teachers.”
– Katelyn, Year 8

Our ultimate aim in the Lower School is to help girls to become independent students with an enthusiasm for learning, and the curiosity and resourcefulness to discover their passions. Our dedicated team, comprising Heads of Year, the Stamp Housemistress and her assistants, ensure that every girl is valued as an individual while possessing the confidence and spirit to work as part of a team.

Beyond the classroom, there is a wealth of opportunities for younger girls to enrich their education. These include a wide range of over 70 co-curricular clubs and activities and a diverse programme of House outings and excursions.


“We usually play on Trew lawn in the evening, which is so much fun.”

– Helena, Year 8