Groups and

There are so many opportunities for girls and staff to come together for ensemble music-making at Queenswood, with a programme of regular concerts.

Our choral heritage is renowned. As well as our inclusive Community Choir, we have a Lower School Chamber Choir and an elite group of Upper School vocalists known as the Queenswood Singers. The music performed covers five centuries of sacred and secular vocal music and includes 2 and 3 part arrangements of pop and folk songs. The choir is coached by our specialist Singing teacher and by our Director of Music and each choir rehearses once a week. 

The Queenswood Orchestra includes girls from all years. Whether you receive instrumental lessons in school or privately you are encouraged to join this group and experience music making with girls who are passionate about music. The orchestra reherses for an hour each week, performing music from the standard orchestral works but also more popular music like film scores. Additionally, the Queenswood Training Orchestra focuses on the girls from lower years that seek to develop their experience of esemble playing. 

We are also proud of our Percussion Group, which brings together a variety of percussionists - from drummers, to bongo players, or xylophonists - to participate in a 'loud' and funky half our of music led by our visiting Percussion teacher. 

Other popular ensembles include the Flute Choir, Guitar Group, Brass Ensemble and String Quartet. All of these groups perform a variety of classical and popular music, meeting once a week with specialist teachers. And of course there are numerous pop and rock groups formed by the girls themselves, all of which are showcased at concerts throughout the year.

We recently recorded an album of outstanding diversity and musicianship at the celebrated Angel Studios in North London.