Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

Boarding in the Sixth

The pace of life in the Sixth Form is relentless – study groups, lectures, an even wider range of co-curricular opportunities – and the majority of Sixth Formers at Queenswood choose to board. Both day girls and boarders benefit from our stylishly appointed accommodation and social facilities.


“I only board once a week, but I've never felt excluded in the boarding house.”

– Grace, Lower Sixth

Lower Sixth boarders either occupy a single study-bedroom or share with one other girl, whilst Upper Sixth boarders have their own single study-bedroom. Fully equipped kitchens and common rooms offer a relaxing place to unwind during free periods and out of school hours.


Shaka's favourite aspect of Queenswood is...
“Boarding with my friend and having a fun time together, especially in Hartley and Trew House.”

– Shaka, Lower Sixth

All Sixth Formers also have access to the Bellman Sixth Form Centre, a multipurpose facility in which girls can study or socialise with friends.