The Houses

Every girl at Queenswood, from Year 7 to the Upper Sixth, belongs to one of our four competitive Houses – Clapham North, Clapham South, Hartley or Waller. Each House is led by a team of elected pupils, overseen by the Head of House.

Throughout the year there is a fabulous sense of community and House spirit engendered through the numerous inter-House competitions. Wherever her talents lie - in performing, quizzing, debating, on the cross-country track or on the tennis court - every Queenswood girl will find plenty of opportunities to compete for House and contribute to the all-important House Point tally. Girls also enjoy a range of House outings throughout the year, where pupils of all ages have the chance to relax and socialise together.


“Sports Day hakas are fun to learn and show to other teams.”
– Disha, Year 8


“I love spending time with my friends in inter-house activities.”

– Helena, Year 8