At Queenswood it is our firm belief that happy girls are successful girls, and we place great importance on the spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing of all our pupils.


The School has a Christian foundation and our aim is to nurture faith through the varied and stimulating regular worship that is at the heart of school life. We welcome those of other faiths or none and we are happy to arrange for them to receive the spiritual support that they need. The School comes together as a community twice a week in our beautiful Chapel, and there are many special services throughout the year when we welcome families and friends to join us.


Our Medical Centre aims to provide optimum health care within a caring holistic environment. The nursing staff care for the physical, psychological and social needs of each individual girl. They provide health education and first aid, and administer over the counter medication as considered necessary. The nurses are supported by a female General Practitioner (GP) from the local surgery. In addition, a counsellor is available for consultation once a week and this confidential service is available to both staff and girls.


Our food is renowned for its quality, freshness and diversity. The modern servery and self-service system allows for all tastes and appetites to be satisfied. Exciting theme days, creative House suppers, Old Q reunions and other events are a speciality.

Meanwhile, we ensure that girls eat healthily throughout the year. Our girls take an active role in every stage of the preparation of food – from growing their own fruit and vegetables in the allotments, to timetabled Practical Cookery lessons in our fabulous 'Haute Quisine' cookery suite. Sixth Form girls have the opportunity to take a professionally accredited course leading to the award of a Leiths Introductory Certificate in Food and Wine.