Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

The Head Girl's Message

The Senior Prefect Team and I are excited to be jumping into our roles of responsibility, continuing the work of the former Head Girl, Lucy Wakeley, and her team. I am delighted to be working with Mrs Cameron, the other eleven brilliant girls that are the Senior Prefects, and most importantly the pupil body, to make the coming year another great success.

If I were to achieve just one thing in my role as Head Girl this year, it would be to make myself and the Prefects more accessible than ever before to all girls throughout the School. As the elected representatives of the School, I believe that it is our job to do as the name states: to represent the interests of each individual girl in the School. If just one girl comes to me with a concern that I am able to help with, I will consider my job well on the way to being done. That is what I have been voted in to do.

On top of that, I am aware of all the changes going on around the School, and feel lucky to get to experience them before leaving Queenswood. As a team, one of our main goals for the year ahead is to ensure that the girls moving into the new combined Middle School boarding house have as smooth a transition as possible. We hope to incorporate this change into our plans to maintain and increase House spirit. The sense of belonging to a House has been one of the highlights of my school life, and I believe it is one of the key aspects of being a Queenswood girl.

Girls, please remember that we are here for you and that we want to help.

Let’s have another great year!

Jasmine Steyne
Head Girl, 2018-19