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Media Studies

A-Level Media Studies is an exciting and academically rigorous course that combines theoretical and practical study.

You will learn about media language, representation, audience and institutions, through the set materials you explore and the artefacts that you create.

You will examine the global nature of the media and discover how media industries, politics, culture and society interact, as well as learning about a very wide range of media products, from video games to radio broadcasts, from newspapers to social media, from Hollywood movies to reality TV.

During the course, you will study theories and critical perspectives such as: Roland Barthes on semiotics; Stuart Hall on representation and reception theory; David Gauntlett on identity; George Gerbner on cultivation; Todorov on narratology; Lévi-Strauss on structuralism; Baudrillard on postmodernism; ‘bell hooks’ and van Zoonen on gender; Neale on genre; Bandura on media effects.

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