The Queenswood Foundation

From the founding of Queenswood School on 23 September 1894, Queenswood has benefited from the generous patronage of those who aspired to broaden the scope of an exceptional single sex education to young ladies who in turn would be able to contribute to society. Each subsequent generation has recognised this generosity and continued to support the School. Some of their gifts are commemorated in the fabric of the School, such as the Bellman Library, the Leach Building and Belling.

Fee income provides the excellent education for which the School is held in high regard. The sound stewardship and prudent financial management of this income has also enabled considerable development activity in recent years, exemplified by the Clarissa Farr Theatre and the swimming pool.

School fees alone cannot facilitate the growth of the School. Some independent schools enjoy considerable income from endowments established at their foundation; Queenswood does not. Improvements will only continue into the future with the commitment and financial support from OQs, parents and friends of the School.

The Foundation operates under the guidance of the Principal and the Governors of the School. The focus of the Office is not solely on fundraising; it also seeks to keep OQs updated with developments within the School as well as looking to provide a careers mentoring programme for the recent graduates who are looking for employment in this tough economic climate. The Office also has a programme of events – year group reunions, professional networking events as well as receptions to acknowledge the generous support of the School’s benefactors.

Foundation Office News