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This Week I Am Reading… Reverend Vindra Maraj-Ogden, School Chaplain

Thursday 19 November 2020

Reverend Vindra joined Queenswood as Chaplain after serving God as a Methodist minister since 2005. Born and raised in  Trinidad, Reverend Vindra enjoys visiting her family who still live there, and spending time with her son Tim who lives in the UK.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman and Kingdom of Fools by Nick Page

I normally have two books on the go at any point in time, one for work and one for relaxation. I have just finished reading, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and my book for work is Kingdom of Fools by Nick Page, which looks at the historical, political and social milieu that led the rise of the early Christian Church. He is a fascinating author and surprisingly easy to read! I recommend any book written by him.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine tells the story of Eleanor, a young woman who lives on her own. She works in the accounts department of a small firm and has been there since leaving university. She is seen as odd by her work colleagues as she does not subscribe to their fashion sense or all the things that make their lives meaningful.

She has the same lunch deal every day and at the start of every weekend buys one bottle of wine, a Tesco pizza and two bottles of vodka. She sees no one over the weekend and then the routine begins again.

In the background of the story, her mother who is in prison, seems quite sinister and speaks to Eleanor every week. This is a destructive relationship that Eleanor cannot seem to take control off. She is visited by social workers as there has been some trauma in her past that has resulted in a change of name.

One evening as she leaves the office, a new colleague tries to engage in conversation with Eleanor and they witness an elderly gentleman have a heart attack. The colleague calls an ambulance and encourages Eleanor to help.

This one act of kindness changes Eleanor’s world and as she undertakes new experiences and embark on new relationships, the mystery of her background is revealed and Eleanor breaks free of all her destructive baggage.

I do recommend this read as we journey with Eleanor and for me it confirms that it is our acts of kindness that change the world, bring us joy and ultimately heal our brokenness.

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