Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

Reunion – 1999 Leavers 20 Years

Friday 21 June 2019
1999 Leavers returned to Q for their 20 Year Reunion on 15th June, with nine former staff members also attending and current staff (Mrs Wakeley) also popping in to say hello. Former Head Girl, Caroline Rowe, proficiently organised the attendee list and it was a wonderful get together with much catching up.  The weather held and we were lucky to get a group photo on the Monstros. Click here to view photos of the day as well as a video at lunch. OQ Attendees: Harriet Buckley (Mrs Nelson, Lynsey Cade-Davies (Mrs Burns), Victoria Clipper (Mrs Cunningham), Katherine Davis, Hannah Drew (Mrs Young), Emma Evans, Susie Fish (Mrs Morris), Philippa Hall, Anna Halliday (Mrs Styles), Sarah Jamal (Mrs Beck), Sophie McCarthy, MaryAnn Naboya (Mrs Ferreux), Judith Picken, Posy Roffey (Mrs Watson), Caroline Rowe, Harriet Thompson (Mrs Houihan), Louise Toop (Mrs Butcher), Anne-Marie Vince (Mrs Jacobs), Carolyn Walker (Mrs Hammond), Georgina Warner-Smith (Mrs Berry). Former Staff Attendees:  Pauline Clark, Helen Giachardi, Pam Hall, Jonathan Hills, Eileen Janacek, Liz Needham, Patricia Phillips, Dyann Rowe, Richard Morgan
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