Funding Opportunities from the OQA

OQA VENTURES AWARD - A funding opportunity for OQs looking to travel to undertake a charitable or education linked project.  The Award is open to current Upper 6th pupils and OQs who left the Upper 6th up to and including three years after leaving.   

Full details and application form can be accessed here

The OQBST - The Old Queenswoodian Bursary and Scholarship Trust (OQBST) was established in 1982 through fundraising by Old Queenswoodians, for the purpose of providing assistance to the daughters or grand-daughters of OQs, in pursuing an education at Queenswood, should they not otherwise be able to consider this from a financial perspective.

In some circumstances, assistance to OQs to pursue further educational opportunities could also be considered.

If you are an OQ and would like further information on the Trust’s Bursary award, please contact OQA Chair, Tricia Wrinch, at [email protected]