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Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

Queenswood and some of its characters

Friday 17 January 2014

How fortunate we are to have in our possession a 1948 pen/ink caricature
drawing by Miss Alma Whitford, which was kindly donated to Queenswood by her second cousin, Mr Jere Henley, from New
Hampshire.  Unfortunately Miss Whitford died in 1998 but we were able to
provide Mr Henley with some information on his cousin’s time here.

Our Archivist and
Historian, Dr Wendy Bird, was able to verify Miss Whitford’s presence at
Queenswood in 1948, and the following excerpt from the Queenswood
Chronicle of 1948 gives an indication of her role at Q.

“For the last two
years, Queenswood has contributed to and benefited from the system of
exchange between Britain and the USA.  Last year we enjoyed making the
acquaintance of Miss Mettler from Ohio, and this year we welcome Miss
Whitford from Buffalo Seminary.  She is teaching Latin and American
History.  We greatly appreciated her most able lecture on ‘An American
looks on Education’ where we realised afresh our common heritage in the
high ideals that Miss Whitford set before us”.

It is most
interesting and quite unique to be able have a glimpse of Queenswood in
1948, particularly with Alma Whitford’s artistic interpretation and
accompanying ‘nicknames’!

Do you recognise any of the characters?  The Foundation Office would love to hear from you if
you do, or if you have a story to tell relating to the drawing’s