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OQ Branch Reunion – Canada

Thursday 26 November 2020

It is quite exceptional that the Canadian Branch make a considerable effort to meet twice a year in a restaurant in Toronto, but this year proved to be a challenge.  With Covid restrictions in place, OQs didn't want to miss out on meeting up, so decided to go virtual.  The first meeting took place in August, albeit a little later than usual, with the second meeting taking place on 25 November.  From the UK OQA Chair, Tricia Wrinch, popped in to say hello imparting news and updates, as did Queenswood's Foundation Officer, Jane van der Maat.  It was a lovely gathering and so good to catch up.  Even a few pets didn't want to miss out and put in an appearance! Thank you to Branch Secretary Margaret Wallis for getting OQs together and Jacquie Brown for setting up the online facility. Looking forward to next year!  

Margaret Pratt (Mrs Wallis), Jacquie Brown, Jeanette van’t Hof (Mrs McLachlin), Carol Cheavin (Mrs Daynard), Bridget Ellis (Mrs Hodges), Deborah Stephen, Hilary Johnson (Mrs Macmillan), Jane Bell (Mrs Griffiths), Chris Turner (Mrs Ader), Madeleine Nicholls, Jane Robson

If you live in Canada and would like to join in and meet this lovely group, email [email protected]

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