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Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

Young Enterprise Teams at Ware Christmas Fair

Thursday 8 December 2016

As a part of the Young Enterprise scheme, girls were challenged to design, produce, market and sell a product of their own choosing at the Ware Christmas Fair on Friday 2 December.

This year there are two YE teams at Queenswood, Blue Moon and Pic Me. Isabel Simpson of Blue Moon has written about her experiences.

Our product was designed to sell as a Christmas gift for easy baking with children. We decided on a jar filled with the ingredients for choc-chip cookies, sourcing the jars and decorations ourselves and the ingredients with the help of the catering staff at Queenswood.

Following weeks of preparation the day of the fair was upon us. After the monumental task of carrying three heavy boxes and a table on the ten minute walk from the car park to the fair, we set up our stall.

Business was slow at first. We had trouble convincing the Ware locals to part with £7.50, but being the innovative young ladies that we are we had brought several signs with different prices on. After lowering the price we still had trouble attracting customers; we soon decided that we should probably move out from behind the stall and talk to people. So we worked up the courage and went out among the crowds of people, directing them towards our stall.

We continued, taking turns behind the stall. Most of the fair’s attendees replied that they were ‘going to come back in a minute…’ – never to be seen again – but we didn’t let this get us down. We battled the cold and the rain, smiling most of the time with much encouragement from Mr Lovell (Economics), Mrs Day (Business) and the representatives from Young Enterprise.

For our efforts we were awarded runners-up to the best overall company. We are now shifting our focus to a new less seasonal product now that we are confident in our entrepreneurial skills.

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