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Weekend Fun: A Suggestion from Our Sixth Form Art Students

Saturday 13 November 2021

Our Sixth Form Art students each visited a gallery over the October half-term to gather ideas and visual research for their A Level Fine Art coursework project. The project is called 'Viewpoints' and each student has been exploring the theme in depth, experimenting and developing their own independent ideas to produce sketchbooks and outcomes for their portfolio.

Here the pupils tell us about their gallery visit and the work they are producing.

Lily W writes:

"I visited the V&A as part of my research and inspiration for Viewpoints. My photographs of the artworks and the clay work are part of my research into reflective surfaces for the project."

Chloe D visited the LUX exhibition at 180 The Strand.

"The LUX is a new audio-visual exhibition, it focuses on artists' representation of light, and expands the boundaries of how innovative audio-visual technology can transform interactive art. I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition; I couldn’t recommend visiting this exhibit more. I felt so immersed in the art.

My personal favourite installation would have to be the interactive wave room. Here they projected animated light of moving waves on both the floor and wall. Each end of the room was mirrored,  making the room feel never ending. This was such an incredible experience, I truly have never seen something quite like it.”

Kylie C visited the Tate Modern and shares:

“I have been inspired by The making of Rodin in Tate Modern. It has provided inspiration for the 'figure' which is the area of study that I have chosen for the A Level topic Viewpoints.”

The three galleries the students visited are all open this weekend if you would like to go along. 'The Making of Rodin' exhibition finishes soon on 21 November.