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Uniform Reminder: Order online or through the school shop

Friday 9 October 2020

As detailed in last week's newsletter, after the half-term break girls will be required to wear regular school uniform on the days when they do not have PE or a co-curricular activity requiring PE kit.

The Stevensons' school uniform shop at Queenswood is open on Monday to Thursday from 10.45am to 2pm and the girls may purchase uniform using their Squid account card. Alternatively, parents may wish to order online directly from the Stevensons' website. Deliveries of online orders for collection at the school shop do not usually incur a delivery fee. The delivery fee for orders despatched to your home address will be shown when you place your online order.  

The school uniform shop at Queenswood is not open to girls or parents during the half-term holiday.

Details of how to order the Queenswood Bench Coat can be found here.

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