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Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

Spotlight on Senior Prefects: Introducing Sophia E and Mia S

Friday 29 September 2023

Interview with Sophia E, Ambassador and Academic Scholar Prefect and Mia S, Middle School and Academic Scholar Prefect


Please can you explain your prefect role?

My role as Ambassador Prefect is to help out the Admissions Team with anything that they need. My role as an Academic Prefect is to help Mrs Goddard organise the Academic Scholars' programme and give her exciting ideas to improve the programme too! I’m also available to help any young Academic Scholars as well if they should need it.

My role as Middle School Prefect is to be a friendly face around school and provide support to pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11. I will be working with the Heads of Year to introduce some new ideas that will centre around support for those doing their GCSEs as well as those deciding their options for GCSE/A-level.
My role as an Academic Scholar Prefect is to support and be a key source of communication between the other scholars and Mrs Goddard. Sophia and I aim to promote the suggestions from students for new ideas for the programme as well as reintroducing some old ones such as bringing back Academic Scholar hoodies!

Could you tell us about your scholarship and your A Level choices?

I have been an Academic Scholar since I joined Queenswood in Year 7 and I am studying A Level Maths, Biology and Chemistry along with the Leiths qualification.

I have been an Academic Scholar since the beginning of Sixth Form and I am studying Psychology, Biology and Chemistry at A-level. The Academic Scholarship is an enriching programme and a brilliant way to further challenge myself academically. We discuss a range of current issues and topics that stimulate interesting conversations and it's a chance to hear a range of viewpoints and ideas.

What do you aim to do after your time at Q?

I am aiming to go to university and study Biomedical Science. Hopefully after that I will go on to research disease and (hopefully) one day find a cure for something.

My current plan is to go to university to study Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. Eventually, I want to become a clinical psychologist specialising in mental health and set up my own practice. I also would like to go travelling at some point!

What's one of your best moments at Q?

Meeting some of my now closest friends here in Year 7!

One that immediately comes to mind is the massive year group water fight we had on Trew Lawn after we finished our GCSEs!

Any students wishing to contact Sophia or Mia can email them on their school email addresses or pop by the Sixth Form Centre.