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Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

Queenswood’s Biennial Careers Convention

Thursday 16 March 2017

From engineering to events management, sculpture to speech therapy, film-making to finance, there was something for everyone at our biennial Careers Convention, held on Wednesday 15 March.

We were extremely fortunate to be able to welcome distinguished panelists from a hugely diverse range of careers. The eight 45-minute seminars were packed, and girls had many pertinent questions to ask.

The careers represented were:

  • Banking, Business and the City
  • Law
  • Healthcare
  • The Civil, Diplomatic and Police Services
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
  • Creative Arts and Music
  • Sports-related careers
  • Media, Writing and Film



Among the panelists were a number of current and former Queenswood parents. With the event coinciding with the GSA’s Dads4Daughters day, we were particularly pleased by the high turnout of fathers with their daughters – including several who spoke about their professions. In each of the seminars, there was a strong emphasis on how companies and industries are adapting to ensure gender equality in the workplace.

It was also inspiring that one third of the professionals were Old Queenswoodians. Representing the civil service, sports management, journalism, client partnership management (British Paralympic Association), visual effects in TV and film, accountancy, fine art and film production, they have all risen to prominence in their chosen fields – many at an impressively young age. They all spoke of the extra resilience and courage required for young women to succeed in environments where gender bias is still prevalent.


We were able to share some of the statistics from our recent survey of parents and OQs about gender equality. For instance:

  • 58% of respondents have experienced or witnessed gender inequality in the workplace.

  • 40% have attempted to change the sense of gender inequality in their workplace.
  • 59% agreed or strongly agreed that men could do more to support women in the workplace.
  • A majority believe that more senior female role models would encourage gender equality.

A parent commented that ‘I think it’s very positive that Queenswood talks to students about the issue of workplace inequality.’

Reflecting on her time at school, an OQ remarked that ‘Queenswood prepares all girls to feel equal to and in some cases superior to our male counterparts. The main theme when I was at Q was that there was no job that wasn’t attainable.’

Mrs Cameron said, ‘Our girls aspire to be the CEOs and managing directors of the future, and we all have a duty to ensure a level playing field.’

Girls and panelists alike felt that the evening was highly successful and extremely relevant.