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Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

Queenswood Strategy Day

Friday 11 February 2022


On Saturday 5 February, the School Governors and the Senior Leadership Team met to discuss our strategy for the next five years. It was a very positive meeting in which we set out our intentions to build on the achievements of the past few years, such as the growth in pupil numbers, the building of Queenswood Hall, the current modernisation of the Sixth Form Centre and the introduction of Sixth Form flats as a bridge from school to university. Our strategic ambitions are to continue on this journey by restructuring and renovating other parts of the School to meet the needs of what we confidently believe will be a growing school.

We have addressed all areas that we believe are vitally important to ensuring our continuing success. The emphasis on excellent teaching and learning, plus an enriching boarding experience, will be complemented by a focus on continuing to invest in our facilities. Flexi boarding and full boarding will remain key to the Queenswood experience. We anticipate that local interest in joining Year 7 will continue to be strong and that the international full boarding market, which has been so affected by the pandemic, will return.

Having agreed the broad direction of travel, it is now for the Senior Leadership Team to work on detailed plans. The priority improvements will take place first in the ABC and the Science block. We aim to make more efficient use of the space by creating smaller classrooms for GCSE and A Level lessons. We shall also modernise classroom furniture and layout and re-decorate to provide a more contemporary, refreshed feel. 

Detailed plans will follow as we work through the priorities and match these to the levels of surplus and fund raising that we have available to us. As Queenswood is a charitable foundation, any surplus we make is reinvested in the School and therefore gradual growth of pupil numbers as well as pupil retention is a fundamental part of our strategy. 

The Governors and Senior Leadership Team are very excited by our plans. We believe that the future of Queenswood is bright indeed.