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Queenswood Fave Saves: Home-made Gifts for your Friends

Thursday 6 October 2022

Making your own personalised gifts is not only a great way of expressing how special your friends are to you, but it may also save you money. Here are some gift suggestions that will make both your friends and your bank manager smile!

Open when letters

Opening a letter or card from your Bestie, when you are celebrating a special day or simply just needing a laugh, is a memorable and most thoughtful gift. All you need is some pretty stationery and with a little decoration, you can deliver a personal greeting which will mean the world, but not cost the earth.

Purls rather than diamonds

Park your fear of needles and wow your friends with the gift of an infinity scarf if they celebrate a winter birthday. Infinity scarves are easy for beginners to make and your friends will remember how special they are to you every time they wear it!

Best pals pamper package

You know all the things your friends love, so why not buy some of their favourite treats and combine them in a homemade gift hamper. We're thinking - chocolate, bubble bath and a good book!