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Propaganda Exhibition at the British Museum

Thursday 19 September 2013

On 18September Year 11 History students went to the British Library for an exciting
day looking round the exhibitions. In the morning we saw a public exhibition,
which included many important artefacts. Some of our favourites were letters by
Charles Darwin, Napoleon and Isaac Newton. These works were particularly
interesting as they linked to many of the other subjects we study. For those
who are passionate about music there were many manuscripts of famous
compositions by composers such as Beethoven, Handel and Mozart. Other great works
of literature included books by Jane Austen, poems by Wordsworth and Oscar
Wilde as well as the first Bible written in English. All of the girls enjoyed
seeing such great and famous works.

the afternoon we visited the Propaganda exhibition, which was the main focus of
our trip. This exhibition contained international state propaganda from the 20th
and 21st centuries. Many of the propaganda we saw related to the
topics we had been studying in History; these included Stalin and international
relations during the war. This exhibition was extremely interesting as we got
to see the propaganda material in real life rather than  in a textbook. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed
this trip as it gave us a real insight into the motivation and the reason
behind much of the propaganda devised during wars and for other major events
such as the Olympics.