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Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

KS3 Pupils Compete to be Spelling Queen Bee!

Friday 26 March 2021

On Friday 12 March, all of our KS3 girls staged spelling heats in their tutor groups to choose their representative to compete in the Queenswood Spelling Bee.

The finalists from each year group then battled it out through three rounds, including two ‘sudden death’ rounds. The two finalists were then faced with extra challenge words until we had a final winner for each year. With words ranging from ‘sausage’ to ‘macabre’ and ‘conscientious’, the competition was fiercely contested and the atmosphere was definitely buzzing!

Ultimately, Hartley took the prize in Year 8 and Year 9, with Makilini K (Y8) and Marina E (Y9) coming out on top . In Year 7, Teagan M made a storming comeback from an incorrect first word to take the prize for Clapham North.

Runners up were:

Waller  - Issy N (Y7), Amelia B (Y8), Isabella W (Y9).

Hartley - Jemima T (Y7)

Clapham North - Tamara K (Y8) and Olivia C (Y9)

Clapham South - Asha P(Y7), Samantha A (Y8) and Sandra E (Y9)

All of the participants did brilliantly in what was a challenging and intense competition!