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Five Benefits of an Academic Sixth Form Scholarship

Friday 18 December 2020

Introducing our new Academic Sixth Form Scholarship...

Our aim for the scholarship is to offer a high-level educational experience to exceptionally bright pupils from the state and private sectors.
Successful candidates for the programme, which begins in September 2021, will be entitled to a 50 per cent reduction in tuition fees.

Here, we outline five benefits of an Academic Sixth Form Scholarship:

1. Educational opportunities for a wider range of pupils

We want to open up the Queenswood educational experience to exceptionally bright pupils who might be in the state school system at the moment. They might have considered the option of attending Queenswood for the Sixth Form, but perhaps need a little extra financial support.

2. Excellent preparation for university

Studies will be based around a university-style education programme, created with the aim of challenging, stimulating and encouraging pupils to reach their full potential.

Academic staff will lead university-style seminars based on quite broad philosophical or scientific questions.

The programme will provide our scholars with lots of co-curricular and cross-curricular references to use in university applications and interviews.

3. Broad and varied studies

The scholars will benefit from notice about essay competitions and TED Talks and will enjoy subject-specific lectures with leading experts.

In the past we have had visits from eminent scientists, such as Prof. Brian Cox and Lord Winston, as well as from experts in literature, who give talks and lead small seminars.

4. New experiences

The scholars can put themselves forward for study abroad.

We nominate our brightest academic scholars for the Global Young Leaders conference, for example, which takes place in Washington DC in the summer holidays.

It is also about engaging in debate and bouncing ideas around with other very talented, intellectual young women.

5. Diverse, successful careers

Some of Queenswood’s academic scholars on previous programmes have gone on to forge successful careers in a number of fields.

One former academic scholar is now a producer on David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, while others have gone into television journalism and are now broadcasters.

We also have many former pupils who went into academia at establishments like Oxford and Cambridge. Our academic scholars follow tremendous and really varied career paths.

The new sixth form academic scholarships begin in September 2021, and all girls currently in Year 11 are eligible to apply.

The deadline for applications is Monday, February 1, 2021, and more details can be found  here or by contacting us via [email protected].

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