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Film Club Review – Groundhog Day

Monday 16 December 2013

Groundhog Day is a BAFTA Award winning comedy centred on Phil Connors, an egocentric and cynical weather man forced to relive his dreaded annual trip to Punxsutawney, Pennysylvania on Groundhog Day again…and again…and again. Phil’s involuntary purgatory can only be ended when he manages to make the absolute most that he can out of his least favourite day of the year, finding love, saving lives, and ultimately bettering himself. While the comedic aspect is immediately obvious at the start of the film, it soon begins to develop darker undercurrents, similar to those of 12 Monkeys, as Phil begins to lose any faith that he will escape what quickly becomes something of a waking nightmare. However, perhaps needless to say the similarities end here as Groundhog Day neatly resolves with a touching happily ever after…

Despite inviting cynicism with the suggestion of a typical romcom cliché, the film has garnered critical acclaim for its witty dialogue, powerful acting and genuine humour, and was well received by the girls, despite technical difficulties.