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Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

Enhanced Support for Agents

Monday 23 May 2022

We all understand that the past two years have been tough and we know that it has been a particularly challenging time for our partner agents. Knowing this, we at Queenswood want to increase the support that we give to our agents and strengthen relationships further. That is why we have re-structured the Admissions team to ensure we have a greater focus on international recruitment.

The new structure comprises a dedicated Head of International Recruitment and an International Admissions Officer. Both of these roles will focus solely on supporting you and guiding your families through our admissions process.

Susan Harris, Head of International Admissions

Susan Harris has moved into the role of Head of International Admissions from her previous role as Head of Admissions. We are currently recruiting to fill the role of International Admissions Officer and we will let you know who that will be in due course. Sadly, we will also be saying “farewell” to our Visa Co-ordinator Hillary Langdon who is retiring, having worked at Queenswood for many years. Fortunately Hillary won't be leaving us until the end of the summer holidays, so we will have her expertise on visas to draw on until then.

Many of you will already know Susan from her previous role at Queenswood and you won't be surprised to learn that she is very enthusiastically and energetically doing her utmost to improve our support for you. Please feel free to contact her at [email protected] and she will be very pleased to help you with your enquiry.

Those of you who have worked with Caroline Noone for many years will be pleased to know that she has been promoted to Head of UK Admissions. Caroline will now deal exclusively with UK applications.

We love to hear from you, not only about applications of course but also about what's on your mind. Above all, do let Susan know about any improvements you’d really like us to make to our support of you. Let’s keep the dialogue flowing!