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Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

Culture Week: Celebrating Queenswood’s Global Community

Friday 28 April 2023

All this week we have been celebrating the many national cultures of Queenswood’s students and staff through a series of themed lunches and starter activities in lessons.

Each day the celebrations focused on a different continent. On Monday we honoured North and South America, with Peruvian chicken and Haitian dire ak pwa (a dish of beans and rice). On Tuesday our focus shifted to Africa, with  delicious garba tuna from Côte d’Ivoire. Wednesday was Europe and Oceania day, with Huesenziwwi beef from Luxembourg, and on Thursday we celebrated Asia, with a beef kofta curry from Pakistan. Each day the servery was decorated with flags and indigenous music played in the dining hall. 

On Friday, pupils were encouraged to wear national dress or the colours of their national flags, and at lunchtime there was a sale of food from around the world.

Culture Week is the brainchild of the student-led Culture Society, established this academic year by Bella A, Tanya D, Sophia M and Konyinsola (Year 13) to promote understanding of the diverse national identities that make up the Queenswood community.