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Academic Scholars: Ian Richardson’s Antarctic Expedition

Friday 5 February 2021

On Wednesday 3 February, the Academic Scholars were treated to a fascinating seminar with Mr Ian Richardson, former Head of Biology at Queenswood.

In 2006, Mr Richardson participated in a research expedition to Antarctica, along with a group of geography and science teachers.

Each member of the party had their own area of interest and expertise, and Mr Richardson's was the microfauna of the continent. Specifically, he was searching for tardigrades, one of the most resilient species on earth.

Mr Richardson gave an enthralling account of the training, the gruelling journey and the remarkable discoveries he made during the expedition, and shared some breathtaking photos.

He also offered a brief history of Antarctic exploration, and answered some extremely insightful questions from the Scholars.

We are immensely grateful to Mr Richardson for giving up his time.

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