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Offscreen Activities – House Competition Results!

Friday 12 February 2021

On Tuesday, 2 February, our students were actively and profitably engaged in a broad range of off-screen activities which they not only enjoyed immensely, but which also provided valuable learning experiences. Cooking, photography, crafting, science experiments, meditation and creative writing were among the multitude of activities suggested by our teachers for the pupils to enjoy away from their devices.

As part of this exciting day, the girls also earned points for their Houses by participating in House competitions and by sharing photographs of their off-screen achievements.

Now that all of the entries have been submitted we can announce the results of the 2021 Off-Screen Activity House Competition. Well done to all of our pupils for their exciting contributions  and many congratulations to the winners.

House Photography Competition Winners


1st Prize Mims C 11W, 2nd Prize Lusanda B 8W, Third Prize Gaby T 7W

HARTLEY 1st Prize Melania DM 7H, 2nd Prize Meyiwa W 12H , Third Prize Caitlin J 9H

1st Prize Natalie C 13S, 2nd Prize Samantha A 8S, Third Prize Beth T 8S

1st Prize Teagan M 7N, 2nd Prize Lucie B 9N, Third Prize Elizabeth J 10N

House Bake-Off Competition Winners

1st Prize Lily M 8W, 2nd Prize Amelia B 8W,

1st Prize Efa D 12H, 2nd Prize Kalli Z 7H , Third Prize Adrienne S 7H

1st Prize Sandra E 9S, 2nd Prize Jennifer W 7S, Third Prize Eva H 8S

1st Prize Beth N 10N 2nd Prize Sophie C 8N, Third Prize Teagan M 7N

House Off-Screen Activity Day Competition Winners

Y7 Gaby T and Abi T, Y8 Emily H and Lily M, Y9 Natalya FD, Y10 Asha K, Y11 Jess B, Y12 Becky W, Y13 Alex H

Y7 Grace H, Y8 Rosie E, Y9 Marina E, Y10 Willow H and Scarlett E, Y11 Sofia M, Y12 Shahina S, Y13 Hannah V

Y7 Nesil G, Y8 Simi A, Y9 Sandra E and Maya H, Y10 Mia S, Y11 Maeve G, Y12 Ellie C and Erina M, Y13 Saleha F

Y7 Evie K and Talya R, Y8 Eleanor J, Y9 Lucie B, Y10 Sofia S, Y11 Lola S, Y12 Issy S, Zoe I and Ayowande A, Y13 Jemima B

Overall House Winners

1st Place - Clapham South 3,950 house points
2nd Place - Hartley 3,570 house points
3rd Place - Waller 3,490 house points
4th Place - Clapham North 3,270 house points