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Half Term Bumper Fun – Suggestions from our Pupils

Friday 15 October 2021

After a busy half-term we are all ready for some bumper holiday fun. This week we bring you some inventive and entertaining activity suggestions from pupils on our school Newsletter team.

We wish you all a fun-packed half-term holiday!

Get ahead of the Carve!

Why not enjoy some spooky fun this holiday and try out Christabella's (8S) suggestion of pumpkin carving. There are a host of ideas online to help you be creative or you can watch the video below. Happy Haunting!

Look up and Get Lost!

If there is a clear night during the holiday, why not try Lin Mei's (9H) stargazing suggestion. Check out the Go Stargazing website for top places to visit with your family or snuggle up with cosy blankets in the back garden.

The Star Walk 2 app is free and will help you to navigate the night sky or visit the National Trust's website for top stargazing tips. For a cosmic day out, you might like to visit the Royal Observatory where space-themed events are taking part over the half-term break.

Hollywood at Home!

Katie L (8H) suggests watching a good movie over the holidays. In celebration of Black History Month she recommends the film Race (PG) - the true story of athlete Jesse Owens and how he changed history at the 1936 Olympics. This film is available on Prime Video and on DVD.

Get Crafty!

If getting crafty is your thing, you might enjoy Hannah P's (9S) idea of creating your own art masterpiece or Lin Mei's (9H) suggestion of making some origami animals. There are plenty of online art and origami resources to help you. Why not try your hand at making a butterfly by following the video below.

Don't be a Scaredy Cat!

Why not support Sienna W (13N) and the Eco Committee and do some spooky baking for the Halloween Scary Animal Bake Sale. Here are some spooky but scrummy baking ideas.