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Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

Queenswood Boarders at the Olympic Velopark

Wednesday 8 November 2017


On Sunday 5 November, we went to the Olympic Velopark where we had a go at mountain bike riding. Our instructor, Andy, was very kind and patient and we had some skills training before heading out onto the trails.

We only tackled the Blue trails on our first go but we were able to use our new skills to ride all over the park. Maybe next time we’ll be able to do one of the other trails!

We also saw the Olympic track that was used in 2012 and for Bradley Wiggens to complete his Hour record. (Ms HW was unreasonably excited over this!)

We are looking forward to another trip to the velopark when we might try another cycling discipline or just improve on the lesson this week #iloveboarding

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