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Year 10 English: Benedick’s Love Poetry for Beatrice

Friday 4 December 2020

As part of their study of Shakespeare’s comic masterpiece, Much Ado About Nothing, Year 10 English students have been writing love poetry for Benedick to send to Beatrice. 

As Benedick finds in the play, it’s quite a challenge to express strong feelings in rhyming couplets.

Here are some examples:

Your eyes shine bright with love and light 
I want to take you in my arms 
Our Hands palm to palm 
Your heart sweet like a tart
You hair golden like a harp 
Your voice the key to my heart 
My goddess the angel of my love
Your irresistible charms 
Have lead me to your arms 
Cupid shot a dart in my heart

Ava P

Beatrice my love
Always dressed like a dove
I love you with all my heart
I’ve been here since the start
Always looking into your eyes
Beatrice you are so wise
Bright in the sunshine
When I see you I’m on cloud nine
Even in the dark
I can still see you spark
I could build you a house 
And you would be my spouse
We could live there together
You and me, always, forever

Nina A