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Sixth Former Ayowande Attends Mock Trial Live Event

Thursday 13 May 2021

Congratulations to Sixth Former Ayowande who attended a most enlightening online course last Saturday. Joining Oxford Scholastica Academy's online Mock Trial Live event, she discovered what it is like to be a barrister whose client is alleged to have committed the most serious of crimes - murder.

The event included opening arguments by the prosecuting barrister, examination and cross-examination of a witness, and a barrister’s closing speech.  Later in the day came the jury's deliberations, verdict and sentencing.

Ayowande is currently studying for her A-Levels in Biology, Psychology and Drama at Queenswood and has been considering university options relating to law, criminology and psychology. She attended the course to find out if she might enjoy the criminal aspect of law and feels now she definitely would!

Ayo writes:


"I really enjoyed the course as it helped me better understand how cases are delivered in court. I was part of a mock jury involved in a 'murder trial' and we had to establish whether the case was self defence or manslaughter. In a real jury we would just say what our verdict was, but on Saturday, we had to give reasons to justify our decision based on the description and evidence presented during the case.

"I particularly enjoyed hearing how the other jury groups came to their decision and also observing the defendant's behaviour when answering the questions. I also plan on attending a 2-week residential summer camp with Oxford Scholastica this year."

Well done Ayo - justice prevailed!