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An Audience With Simon Reeve

Monday 12 November 2018
A group of excited Sixth Form Geographers attended ‘An Audience with Simon Reeve’ in St Albans on Sunday 11 November. The much-loved TV traveller recounted inspiring and thrilling tales from his adventures in more than 120 countries. It was a fascinating and educational show which provided many real world case studies for the A-Level Geography course and really brought to life the learning that occurs in the classroom. Simon Reeve was inspirational and hilarious, while at times he described the shocking truths of some of the poorest parts of the world. Simon started with nothing and described how he escaped the dole to become an author and TV presenter, and how he has met some of the most extraordinary people on the planet. To top the night off, Simon gave a special mention to Colette on her 18th birthday and spoke with her backstage. An excellent time was had by all.