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Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

Q’s Newsletter Reporters Tell Us About Their Favourite Clubs

Friday 5 November 2021

This week, some of our students reported on the co-curricular clubs that they enjoy taking part in. You will find their contributions and a short photograph montage below.

A particularly popular club with all year groups is the Horse-Riding Club at Trent Park.

Lin Mei (9H) explains how the lessons work:

"There are multiple groups, we do things according to our level. The beginners start at lead rein - this means that there is someone holding the horse. They are shown to walk, trot and halt all on this lead rein and eventually they are taken off it.

The next group works on cantering and trotting all together, standing, sitting and rising trot. The more advanced you become, the more you learn and you are able to ride without help.

I love actually working with horses, they are sentient and can understand a lot. I am learning to control the horse and it is generally fun too!"

Katie (8H) adds:

"The club is great because not only am I learning to ride but also how to tack up and untack my horse."

Isabella (7H) enjoys the training and fun matches that go on in Football Club.

She says: "I like the teachers and it keeps me fit. I'm also getting better at football!"

Reporting on Lane Swimming Club, Aara (7W) describes how she improves her different swimming strokes, diving and racing! She adds "swimming club benefits me because if I were ever in a life or death situation, I would use the skills that I've learnt to help me get out."

Cricket Club is "fun and inclusive" according to Lucienne (7H). She is practising her batting and bowling skills and says that "you don't have to worry about getting it right first time."

Hockey Club is where Cliona 8H goes for fun. She  says “I am enjoying practising my skills with my friends" and hopes to get chosen for fixtures as she improves at the sport.

For girls who enjoy musical opportunities,  Adrienne (8H) recommends attending Chamber Choir.

"We are singing to get ready for Remembrance Day. We are practising harmonies and to be honest, I think we are improving so much and are having so much fun with Mr Newport. I'm loving Chamber choir!"

Sophie and Imie (8H) love Chess Club!

"Chess Club is a club where many who are interested in intellectual sports go to play chess.

"It is an amazing way to meet new people and make new friends as so many different people go there to enjoy themselves to wind down and relax. Usually we play music to lift up the mood and have fun. It usually takes place in F6 in the ABC led by Mr Frater." Sophie

"I attend chess club because I like to improve my skills and play against people my standard. If I lose, I learn from my mistakes and try to improve the next time I play. It is also a good way to have many fun conversations with your playing partner whilst thinking about your next move." Imie

Finally, Media Club run by Mr Kelley is Christabella's (8S) favourite co-curricular activity. She writes:

"In the Media Studies Club we learn how to film using different camera angles and how to make videos.  I enjoy the club because I'm trying new things and it benefits me because Mr Kelley teaches us photography and how to use WeVideo."

This week in Media Studies Club, the students practised their skills at filming using a green screen. Here is their video.