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Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

Christmas Competitions – A Week of Festive Fun

Friday 11 December 2020

Girls have had great fun in tutorials this week, decorating miniature trees, writing festive limericks and other verses, and creating Christmas hats.

7H created an entire Christmas dinner on the stage floor of the theatre!

Miniature Christmas Trees

Christmas Limericks

There once was a snowman called Scott
He didn’t do well when hot
He was having some fun
When out came the sun
And now our friend is not!


The year is nearly done
And we’re still going strong
I can hear jingle bells
And the Christmas smells
Now Christmas won’t be long

Angelina O’N, Year 8

Christmas is a time to spread festive cheer,
A very special time is here,
A time to talk with family and friends,
Enjoy the fun before it ends,
And then you wait until next year

Ann B, Year 7

The reindeer led the sleigh at night
Rudolph’s nose kept it bright
Christmas Day is nearly here
We need to spread the Christmas cheer
Christmas dinner! What a delight !

Ava K, Year 8

We may be in a pandemic situation
And it has affected people’s graduation
But now we have Christmas
Forget about what we’ve missed
Time for a celebration

Eva H, Year 8

There was an old man from the North Pole,
Who had a very important Xmas role,
He would fly everywhere
With his long white hair,
Delivering colourful presents as his goal.

Izzy G, Year 7

The trees are full of white snow
The kids are buzzing to go
No one could wait
To get food on their plate
And now Christmas cheer they will show!


There once was a class in Hartley
They decorated their tree smartly
With an angel on top
Then ate chocolate non stop
And then they threw a Christmas party!


Christmas Headgear