Queenswood is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people. It would be our privilege to educate your daughters here.

  • Toronto Reunion Summer 2018

    Toronto OQs get together twice a year, with the first taking place this year on 6th June at Barnteiners Restaurant in downtown Toronto.  Well done on all your organisation, it’s……

    POSTED : Wednesday 4 July 2018
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  • North West Reunion 2018

    Hilary Dawson (Mrs Watson) very kindly stepped in and offered to take over as Branch Secretary once again, having previously undertaken the role for 15 years!  Welcome back Hilary! Hilary……

    POSTED : Monday 2 July 2018
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  • Autumn and Winter Reunions Worldwide

    Branch and Year Group Reunions took place worldwide throughout the Autumn and Winter of 2014.  Click on the following locations to view photos of the event and find out who……

    POSTED : Wednesday 11 February 2015
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  • The OQGS in 2014

    Click here to view photos, find out what happened at the annual meeting in October and the Tassie earlier in the year.  Details also available of the 2015 meeting –……

    POSTED : Tuesday 10 February 2015
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  • Home Counties West Reunion

    OQs of the Home Counties West gathered on a beautiful hot summer’s day on the 2nd July at the lovely Cookham home of Lynden Brock (Mrs Way). A sumptious lunch……

    POSTED : Thursday 7 August 2014
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